Sinner's Heart (Sam Connor #3)

Sunday, 29 November 2015

After tracking lowly street conman Slick to an abandoned slaughter house, Samuel is able to retrieve a coveted artefact called the Sinners Heart. However in a moment of madness, Sam decides to try and trick his new master by offering a fake item in the place of the original. The trick works which leads Sam to question why his new master has no understanding of the artefacts he is being sent to collect by any means necessary. It seems though, that he has made a new friend in the monk from Hell, Pertilius, who not only guides him on his masters misgivings but also in a direction that Samuel never thought he would move in. Not only is his life as Satan's hit-man becoming more complex, but it would seem that even the dark lord himself doesn't command the complete obedience of his minions.
Although not quite as violent as the previous two installments there seems to be quite a deep story line slowly evolving and I can't wait to find out more about Sams wife .  - Emily ( Customer)


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