Sunday, 29 November 2015

When six year old Lucy wakes up in a barren landscape layered with pristine snow she thinks she is dreaming. However when she is joined by Malcom the panther with reflective eyebrow's and a cheetah with bright green fur, Lucy realizes that there is more to this dream than she can imagine. As her body begins to slip into illness she has to muster all her courage to remember how she landed in such a place and unravel the mystery of what happened to her mother. As her new friends try to get her back home to safety, Lucy must try to survive a dream that quickly becomes a nightmare.
The author does a unique and very good job of presenting the events in this story from a child's perspective. The story is worth reading to experience the manner in which he does that. Lucy is a character you can easily care about. Her narration is so like that of a child's that you feel like the POV is first person when actually the story is in 3rd person, which I preferred. There is enough foreshadowing to alert readers to the possibility of a less-than-happy ending, but there are some beautiful events that help make the conclusion more comforting.  - Kathy ( Customer)


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