Soul Protection (Sam Connor #2)

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Days after making is deal with Satan, Samuel Connor is in the process of butchering a young thief who his new boss wants rid of. It's during this grizzly job that Samuel is approached by Pertilius, a monk from the lower bowels of Hell. Pertilius would like Sam's help and in exchange he offers to help him break his deal with the dark lord. However what provokes Sam into helping the monk is discovering why his wife Lisa is in purgatory. But before he can get that information he must first steal back a sacred scroll which would allow the minions of Hell to escape on to the Earthly plane.

Love the way this series is going, really wasn't expecting the part where the woman gets pulled from the cage. Just a word of caution you will need a strong stomach for that part. - Annmarie ( Customer)


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