Readers Favourite Review For Snowfall

Friday, 18 December 2015
Got a lovely review for my short story snowfall from Readers Favourite:

Snowfall is a beautiful but sad story at the same time. It tackles a serious issue and marks a turning point in a child’s life. The harsh reality that Lucy has to face is covered with a metaphor that complements the innocent perspective of a child, which Gallie did exceptionally well in his narrative. This is a fast, engaging read and the plot is well thought out. The harsh reality highlighted through Snowfall can’t be ignored at all and will linger in readers’ minds for quite some time. Her mother’s wish to leave the pain behind stumbled upon a painful obstacle, but the epilogue in the end gives readers hope and a glimpse of a better life for little Lucy. On the whole, this is a thought-provoking novella from Gallie. - Lit Amri, Readers Favourite.

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