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Wednesday, 20 January 2016
Author Chantal Gadoury
Meet indie author Chantal Gadoury and read on to find out how and why she became a writer:

What have you written? 

I’ve written two novels: My first is called “Seven Seeds of Summer,” based on the Greek Mythology story of Hades and Persephone. The second and most recent is called “Allerleirauh.” It is a retelling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tale.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just seeing where an idea takes you? 

I actually just prefer to see where the idea or plot takes me. Sometimes I might have an idea of how things might go, or . . hope for the best, and sometimes, things just change. Characters tell me how things really happened, and it’s my job as the voice to document it that way. I often times feel like I don’t have control over a story – the characters do.

How do you market your books? 

Right now I’m doing a Book Tour with Enchanted Book Promotions. But for the most part, I’ve been posting information on my social media, and I’ve been trying to reach out to other authors – do reviews, do interviews, host interviews – etc. It’s hard. Marketing is a really hard avenue when you really have no idea what you’re doing.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does she do that is so special? 

Aurelia is a different sort of Princess from other Princesses presented to us through Disney (or rather, she’s following the new trend of strong, independent women.) She’s a Princess who endures sexual abuse at the hands of her father, and manages to keep herself strong – and brave enough to face each new challenge without giving up. She struggles – she’s not perfect, and that’s what makes her special. She’s normal; human. And she learns to overcome challenges, not with the help of “fairy godmothers,” or “magic,” she does so with her own inner strength, and with friends.

What is the hardest thing about writing? 

Making time for writing. I work full time, and I travel a lot between Delaware (where I currently live) and Pennsylvania (where my Mom lives) – I’m either working, or doing things in my apartment. Life is kind of hard, and harder still to make time to do something that you love. Keep motivation is another thing I struggle with – having the motivation to finish a scene, or edit a few chapters.

How successful has your quest for reviews been so far? 

Allerleirauh By Chantal Gadoury
It really hasn’t been that successful. It’s hard to find reviews, or people willing to give reviews. I’m grateful for the ones that I have received; the great feedback that I’ve gotten back. But I know I’m only at the beginning of this wild journey with “Allerleirauh.” I want to do get her out to everyone – and give everyone the chance to get to know her and Prince Klaus and hear the message they can share.

What is the current book you are promoting? 

Currently, I’m promoting “Allerleirauh,” my retelling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tale.

Who is your favorite character in your book and why? 

It might surprise you for me to say anyone but the lead protagonist, but Prince Klaus was actually my favorite character to write. He was really in-depth for me, and brought a lot to the table when it came to writing and developing a relationship/friendship with Aurelia “Allerleirauh.” He was funny and charming, and had this really strong sense of loyalty and duty to him. I had a lot of fun imagining him up – and kind of interacting with him mentally and on the page. I really wanted to bring an element to the Prince that most people don’t see in a “Prince Charming,” like... in some Disney films. The Princes are usually flat and under-developed. I wanted Klaus to have a sense of himself, and who he was before and after Aurelia. I also wanted him to be kind and strong, and treat others as equals. I really think (in my personal opinion) I nailed the perfect Prince Charming in this novel. When I re-read “Allerleirauh,” I even fell for Klaus – so I’m very confident others will too.

Who is your least favorite character and why? 

The King. The King and Lord Haven for the most part. I really struggled to write about either one of them. And probably just because they’re the villains. I hated the King for what he did to Aurelia, and hated Lord Haven for his involvement in the situation. You’ll have to read the novel to really see for yourself.

What one person from history would you like to meet and why? 

Honestly, I’d want to meet Walt Disney. He’s my role model – the way he approached his dreams. He never gave up – he always wanted to defeat the odds, and he did. Learning Disney history has made me appreciate the films even more, and appreciate Mr. Disney even more. If I could have the chance to meet him, I’d like to tell him what he means to me, and how he has influenced my life. He taught me to never give up and “if you can dream it, you can do it.” – And so I did.

If there was one thing you could do to change the world, what would it be? 

I feel like one of those Miss America ladies saying “World Peace,” - but I’d love to bring World Peace. If I could design a time-traveling machine, I’d do that too – I know there’s a lot of things I could change and would change if I had that ability.

How do you write your books? 

I write my books with a large cup of iced-coffee (preferably Peppermint Mocha), a big long playlist of songs and a few candles – all on my writing desk. I might have a brief outline, or evens just an idea. With my laptop and myself, - I tackle a blank word document, and somehow, ultimately with time, it becomes a novel.

What is one great lesson you have learned as a writer? 

Writing is supposed to be enjoyable. Writing is always changing, always growing. You might think something is perfected, until – wait, it’s not! Your skill is always adapting, and that’s okay! I’ve learned that it’s hard to be a writer, but it’s amazing too! You hold the entrance to worlds that only you can discover and write – and you can share those places, and people – and bits of yourself.

What is one thing you hate about being a writer? 

Editing. I hate editing. I’d rather just write the story, write the characters and have someone else do the editing. But sometimes, editing is a personal thing for a writer, and only THE writer knows what they were trying to say or do. Ugh to editing!

Is there anything else you would like to add that I’ve included? I actually made a trailer for my novel “Allerleirauh!” I think you should all check it out!

How can readers discover more about you and you work?





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