BASIC Boy By Kindle Author Christopher Peter

Sunday, 31 January 2016

BASIC Boy by kindle author Christopher Peter is available from the amazon kindle store now. Read On to find out more about this great book.

What It's About:

You’ve heard of haunted houses … but what about haunted computers? What do you do when there’s literally a ghost in the machine? When the past collides with the present and something sinister's come along for the ride? 

Cal Stubbs has big problems. It’s not just that he’s struggling to get used to his stepdad Rob, who’s weirdly obsessed with stone-age computers (what the heck’s a ZX Spectrum anyway?), while his real dad’s gone to ground. It’s not even that his geeky best friend has more luck with girls than he does. 

No. It’s definitely more the creepy nightmares and the freaky messages coming through on the laptop from some sick psycho troll. 

Meanwhile, back in 1984, the teenage Rob has a dark secret. He’s done something terrible … and a kid who died but won’t stay quiet is hell-bent on making him pay. And, mad though it sounds, the price might be his future stepson. 

As Cal gets more disturbing messages and Rob struggles to remember exactly what happened in 1984, they soon realise that a malevolent shadow is breaking through into the present, intent on wreaking havoc. How do you fight a ghost that can program a computer? They’d better figure out how and quickly, before time runs out …

What  The Reviews Say:

This incredibly entertaining, well paced and excellently written ghost story is hard to stop reading once you begin.

What is the secret of its success? It isn't just that you get a good scare, although that is a terrific part of it.

The other aspect that is wonderful, however, is the fact that the reader comes to care and understand about the lives of the characters.

These people, whether you are immersed in 1984 or 2014, are very real. When they become trapped by the machinations of their computers it is flat-out frightening.

Whether back when(thirty years ago), or just around the corner in time (2014), the reader will become quite involved ... almost a part of the story.

The author, Christopher Peter, really knows how to hold one's interest. Each of your senses will be expertly assailed and on alert during the course of this novel. I have rarely enjoyed being frightened and being curious as to what would happen next quite so much as with Basic Boy.

What is more, everything which takes place is quite believable.

Essentially, the plot ties two boys together, one from 1984 and one from 2014. I am not spoiling anything when I note that the story jumps back and forth, chapter by chapter, between the two. They both get equal time in this story. By the end you will be reading with mounting excitement as the chapters go back and forth in time. The two main characters, Rob and Cal, will ultimately need to work together to defeat an unearthly menace which involves something they each love equally: their computers. Their families and friends will have to assist them in the fight.

I thought the author's descriptive powers were excellent. The writing evokes a mood of urgency and uneasiness. As well, there are humorous real life daily situations, described in a fun manner. You get a break from the tension this way. This is well done and unforced. That is a part of what makes this book so hard to put down.

I have loved all sorts of ghost and horror stories since I was a child. However I would definitely categorize this as most appropriate for Young Adult and any age above that. It is wonderfully honest in its depiction of the reality of family life. It is also unflinching in describing the life styles of teens struggling through their awkward years. That makes this fun to read, even while you are being scared out of your wits.

I thought all the major characters were quite real, yet noble. I cared what happened to them. Not once did I say to myself, "Ah, this is just a ghost story". Because it isn't just a ghost story.

Rather, it is a study of life in the nineteen eighties, an examination of life now, a comparison of what makes them the same and what makes them different, AND it's a cracking great ghost story on top of all that.

The computer comes of age in Basic Boy: A Digital Ghost Story.

You are going to love how chilling yet gratifying this book is. It is great fun!

Basic Boy, A Digital Ghost Story by Christopher Peter is a must-read for anyone who loves originally written adventure/thriller/horror stories!

Note: I am American. I had no problem understanding the difference in the style of writing or in understanding the vernacular. However there is no question that the author, Christopher Peter is British. Frankly, that made it even cooler!

Ebook Format: Kindle

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