Book Spotlight On Little Crush: Tales Of A Teddy

Sunday, 24 January 2016
What's It About?:

Little Crush is a series of three children's books about a talking teddy bear, who introduces a touch of magic to a young family's lives. 

There are three books in the 'Tales of a Teddy' series at present:

Book 1: A Bear's Beginning

Book 2: The Way to a Bear's Heart

Book 3: A Bear Behind

Written to be ideal for bedtime reading  & featuring original full colour illustrations, the series has charmed children & adults alike. 

What The Reviews Say: 

I felt like I could clearly envision the scene in my mind with the sufficient, but not overly detailed, scene descriptions/narratives.

I like how the story shows the better side of human nature such as generosity and kindness.
This story is good for children because of this.

I also like how the mom didn't automatically disregard the bear because it was dirty.
There's a reason why kids do what they do.

Be sure to check out the Tales Of A Teddy Website:

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