Book Spotlight On The Ninth Window By Kelly Proudfoot

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

What's It About?:

Nine women. Nine Stories. One thing in common. 

At a weekend writing workshops, inhibitions melt away. 

Each one shares an intimate story, only to discover that their facilitator - Louise - has neglected to bring her own story. 

The women give her two weeks to come back with a juicy tale - and she delivers "with bells on." 

Then her husband finds out.

What The Reviews Say:

This is a story with several other stories nested within - each very different from the others. The book has a really fresh premise. I liked the writing style, and appreciated the fact that it was nicely edited and proofread.

It's difficult for me to review this without including any spoilers. I can say that every story within the book is really sexy (although Chapter Six was my least favorite.) The ending was really unexpected. An overall enjoyable erotic novella - one of the best I've read lately.

About The Author:

Aussie living in Nashville TN. Author of the fantasy chronicles - "The Storming Archives" and erotica "The Ninth Window".

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