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Tuesday, 26 January 2016
The spotlight is on kindle author Phil Rowan's thriller Under Cover, which is available in the amazon kindle store right now.

What's It About:

Under Cover has right-wing/anti-immigrant tendencies escalating in Europe with increasing conflict between moderate Muslims and radical Islamists. American journalist Rudi Flynn is recruited by a US/UK intelligence team to counter Iranian activists who are plotting to nuke soft Western targets.

Briefly ...
A French writer Flynn knows is shot in the Paris Luxembourg Gardens and has his throat slit by an Islamist assassin who shouts 'Allahu Akbar!' as his target collapses. Flynn befriends his murdered colleague's sexually pro-active and occasionally quite outrageous right-wing Front National mistress, Chantelle. He also works with Sophia, a seductive and very attractive Israeli agent who briefly kidnaps him in India. He is then sent to Cuba to check out a French Algerian Muslim by Leah, his Controller at the US Embassy in London. Here he gets a pointer from the Guantanamo detainee, who professes to be a Muslim moderate, but is later shot as an activist. Flynn's double agent act finally falls apart in Paris. The Iranian nuclear bombers want to execute him, and it's about to happen when Sophia and her Israeli associates come to his rescue in the remote French Correze countryside.

What The Reviews Say:

This is an exciting story that roams all over the world from New York to London to India to the Middle East to Guantanomo. It is centred round the struggle between Islamic extremists and Western intelligence agencies. Rudi Flynn, an American journalist, is recruited to work for the British and American secret services in order to act as a double agent, at one time professing support for moderate Muslims and then (as ordered by his superiors) voicing sympathy for the terrorists. The spark for the ensuing whirlwind of events is the murder of Anton du Prey, a French journalist married to an Iranian. 

Before long, Rudi is immersed in a maze of intrigue, vicious thugs, assassins and a medley of beautiful women with firm and dexterous vaginal muscles. Rudi goes from one sexually proficient and formidable lover to another, amongst whom are his (female) American Homeland Security controller; a crack Israeli agent; the Iranian wife of his murdered friend; and the right-wing journalist and supporter of the French National Front, Chantelle Cocteau. The story is written in the present tense; this gives the events a sense of journalistic urgency and immediacy.

The author himself was a journalist, and the ability to create local colour and authenticity in his description of different countries and international issues stands the story in good stead. Check this book out; you'll be enthralled by the succession of explosions, killings, assassinations and shoot-outs and, above all, the indefatigable energy exhibited by Rudi in his ability to satisfy so many strong-willed women.

Ebook Format: Kindle

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