Book Spotlight On Unseen

Monday, 18 January 2016
Unseen By Felicia Mires
Detective Caleb Forest has just been assigned his first case as lead detective in a murder. He's also been assigned to teach the ropes of detecting to a romance novelist, Miss Destiny Knox. This tag-along comes with a zany giggle and stilettos that would put a hooker to shame. She's much too attractive to wander the confines of a police station, inhabited as it is by men with less than stellar appetites. How does he solve a murder when he spends more time explaining his delectable sidekick than he does detecting? To make matters worse, his new partner-in-crime isn't looked on with much favor by his almost-girlfriend, Dr. Laurel Blake, head of the forensics lab. The investigation goes from bad to worse when Destiny is identified as the murder victim's mysterious visitor. What was Destiny doing with the victim just hours before the murder? Why has she demanded to speak with Laurel before she'll answer questions? Now Caleb has two suspects, and both of them are women he'd rather date than arrest. The evidence is piling up faster than he can process it. Someone is pulling his strings, someone UNSEEN.

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