Cotter By Kindle Author Peter Glassman

Sunday, 31 January 2016
Next up to go under the spotlight is COTTER by kindle author Peter Glassman. Read on to find out more about this great book which is currently available on the amazon kindle store.

What It's About:

Jacob Cotter survives the Civil War to finish Yale Medical School and confront two more battlefronts–one in Connecticut as a medical student and one in Texas as a surgeon. In 1868 Cotter is financially solvent for Yale from banking two-year’s worth of bounty hunter money. Post-Civil War medicine is exciting. Cotter experiences advances in anesthesia and antisepsis enabling surgery and medicine truly saving lives. He finds pseudoscience–phrenology–laughable. However, he must confront his siblings who disowned him after his father was killed in the war alongside him in 1864. His brother and sister want him dead. 

After graduating Yale, Cotter finds private practice in Endura Texas with a colleague as also being under fire trying to establish the first hospital in the area. Cotter faces a ruthless land baron extorting and killing opposing citizenry. He also finds his father’s murderer part of the lethal lot. Dr. Cotter is forced to combine his stethoscope and his sixguns.

What The Reviews Say:

I have become a big fan of Peter's work. He deserves far more attention than he has gotten, like Van Gogh. Cotter is a prime example. Glassman has moved into historical fiction with a medical bent and delivered authentic events and juicy details about the period. That said, it does not get caught up in the details for their own sake, there is a compelling story that is supported by the details.

It is a fast read with well drawn characters and tense action bits that jump off the page and stay with you. While it may be classified as a western, more than half actually takes place in Connecticut, a connecticut we would not recognize but gain understanding as the tale unfolds. Set in the immediate post civil war period, it is a time of rapid advances in medicine with procedures we would recognize as routine today but then were quite new. It was also a period of advances in gun technology and other innovations that are fun to see explored and exploited by the inhabitants of that era as any new technology would be. I felt a part of that time as I immersed myself in the pages of the book.

Glassman tells the story of Jake Cotter, going back to medical school at Yale after working with his father as a surgeon during the war. He is saddled with his own demons yet manages to confront those who would intimidate and use deadly force in furtherance of their own agenda. I was continually surprised at the plot turns and I frankly lost more than a little sleep just seeing how Cotter would get through the next situation. Glassman always gives us quirky and likable characters with his trademarked catchy names. Plus a great deal of action, suspense, intrigue, double crossing and evil men who must be confronted, with violence if need be.

Ebook Format: Kindle

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