Glen Haven By Margaret L Lauder

Wednesday, 27 January 2016
Next up to go under the spotlight is kindle author Margaret L Lauder's Glen Haven which is available in the amazon kindle store right now.

What's It About:

Barbara March is devastated at the tragic loss of her beloved husband Edward and at the age of sixty she was still a glamorous and beautiful woman. The chance of a new life opens up when she befriends Lord Marcus Logan the laird of Glen Haven Castle on board the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth 11, but it soon becomes apparent to Marcus than in the shadows of Barbara’s life going back into the past and having to recall that she gave up her successful and fulfilling singing career whose sopranos voice became the darling of the opera houses with her breathtaking performance across Europe and America is a subject she is reluctant to talk about. 

Giving up this indispensable precious gift, it was a story best left unspoken, left undisturbed in the book of life. Finally there is Victoria her daughter found the prospect of her mother’s marriage painful so soon after her father’s death and a devoted grandfather to Kate and Mandy. Victoria shows a fierce determination to stay loyal to her father’s memory and severs her connection with her mother but in her heart she knew how much her mother loved her grandchildren and her father would not have approved of separating them from their grandmother and so they came to Glen Haven Castle with Dora, Barbara’s sister during the summer and Christmas holidays loving every magical moment of their stay. 

What The Reviews Say:

Glen Haven is a story of shattered dreams in which Barbara March was one of the most popular soprano stars in the world and she was adored by countless millions of fans At the height of her career she suddenly announced that she was to retire and leaving us with performances to cherish. She had been shattered by by Edward untimely death left on her own now and at sixty still glamorous and beautiful she could hardly wait to get away to give herself time to think about her life. 

Going on holiday had been a good idea and that was where she met Lord Marcus Logan on the Cruise ship Queen Elizabeth 2.Gentle in his ways a refined man he began looking forward to seeing her at dinner and in the weeks to come on board ship the emotional attraction was established and strong. Her life was not over a new chapter had begun and a year later they were married , but it soon apparent to Marcus that the loss of her career had hurt her deeply and emotionally, and one day he hoped she would at last be able to talk about it and free her from the pain and let go of everything held too long.

Ebook Format: Kindle

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