High Ground By Jack Turner

Thursday, 28 January 2016
Looking for a great read? Why not check out kindle author Jack Turner's book High Ground which is available from the amazon kindle store right now. Read on to find out more about this book.

What It's About:

When the crew of the starship Raw Deal crash on a planet at the edge of the known galaxy, they find themselves plunged into different sides in a bloody civil war.

Fihn is a Pariah, a supernaturally strong transhuman who was once part of the greatest fighting force the galaxy has ever seen. Now an outcast and a slave, he’s searching for a chance to finally claim his freedom.

Holden is an engineer, a specialist in kick-starting a culture’s technology and dragging them back to the stars. Ambitious and selfish, this war is the opportunity to get the respect he so desperately craves.

Xu is a strategist, the equal of almost any General in the galaxy. Haunted by her past choices, she’s determined to do the right thing even if it gets her killed.

Each believes they are the only survivor. Each believes their cause is the right one. Alone, any one of them has the skills to tip the war in their favour.

But unwittingly pitted against each other, only one will be able to survive…

What the Reviews Say:

Good science fiction writing has a heart beating at its core and tells a story that's supported by the science rather than a story ABOUT the science. High Ground is a great example of this. From the opening pages, you can't assume you know what's going on, and Turner avoids the typical sci-fi tropes. You don't even notice that you're being led gently by the hand into a caper story, with three interweaving plot-lines that feel like they belong in a high-adventure movie, you know, the kind they really don't make anymore. Engaging and fresh, High Ground feels old-fashioned, but reads modern.

Ebook Format: Kindle.

Available From The Amazon Kindle Store:

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