The Deal: Deal Breaker Part 3

Friday, 15 January 2016

Lisa shook her head in disbelief. I couldn’t really blame her for not wanting to believe in it all, but she had been in hell for much longer than me, in this life at least, so I thought she would understand better than me.
   ‘Samuel, he’ll tear you apart,’ she said.
   ‘Well, the monks seem to think I have enough firepower to wipe him off the face of the earth, or hell, as the case maybe,’ I said, feeling unusually confident, ‘they believe I can beat him.’
   ‘Do you believe you can beat the dark lord?’ she asked, her beautiful eyes staring deep into mine and beyond to a part of my being that only she has ever been able to reach.
   ‘Up until now, no. I didn’t think I was strong enough. But seeing you for the first time in five years, I know I can hammer him in to the ground to make sure you never see this place again.
   ‘I don’t understand why I have to become a nomad soul though Samuel?’ she said, her eyes searching my soul for the answers.
   ‘Because you have been here for so long, heaven will not recognize you as either a tainted soul or a soul of light. The same concept will work here in hell too, so you have to go to the never realm where you will have to wait out your eternity. But, if I beat Satan I will have the power to put you back into your body on Earth and if I can do that it will basically reset the balance for your soul. A fresh start so to speak in the eyes of the higher powers anyway,’ I explained, starting to feel a little drained with it all.
   ‘What happens to you if you are able to beat Satan?’ She asked.
   I had tried to avoid telling her the whole truth, which in my heart I knew to be stupid since Lisa was the only person capable of seeing right through me. I took a moment to think about how I was going to tell her before I spoke.
   ‘Well, the monk’s seem to think I’m the original sinner,’ I said eventually, feeling unsure how Lisa would react.
   ‘What? Satan is the original sinner,’ she said, confused again.
   ‘Not really. He is the heir to the throne, so to speak. The original sinner or Beelzebub as most like to call him, is the one true ruler of hell,’ I said.
   ‘And the monk’s think you are him?’
   ‘Pretty much. Even Gabriel believes it,’ I said.
   Lisa looked at me in shock.
   ‘You met Gabriel?’
   ‘Yeah, but to be honest he’s a pain in the ass. But then again I suppose you don’t have much to worry about when you’re an angel,’ I said, thoughtfully.
   Silence befell the room and as much as I wanted to spend the rest of my days just gazing at her beautiful face, I held the scroll in front of me so that Lisa could see it.
   ‘What is that?’ she asked.
   ‘This is the deal you made with Satan, or I should say, your father forced you to make with Satan. When I rip this apart it will break the deal and you will have to go,’ I said, feeling my hands and my heart start to shake again.
   ‘Samuel, you don’t have to do this for me,’ I could see pleading in her eyes.
   There was no going back now. I had the scroll and it was time to step up to the plate and take on Satan.
   ‘I love you. You’re the only woman I’ve ever truly loved and if I can’t at least try and save you then I wouldn’t be much of a husband would I?’ I said, preparing to tear the ancient parchment. ‘Are you ready?’
   Lisa licked her lips. She looked like she had more to say and I figured that she was trying to think of something, anything, to stop me. It was then that I decided it had to be done with or without her express permission.
   The air filled with a loud rip as I tore the parchment in two and let the pieces fall to the floor. As soon as they touched the granite we both watched as the paper pieces erupted into flame and vanished.
   I looked up at Lisa and had just enough time to tell her that I loved her, before a strange black cloud began to form around her body. The cloud soon turned into a swirling mass which engulfed her. A few seconds later and I was alone in the dingy little room again.
   Or at least I thought I was.
   ‘So it has begun,’ said Pertilius as he re-appeared nearby.
   ‘Yeah,’ was all I could think to say as I had just watched my wife disappear from one god forsaken place to another.
   ‘Before I inform his lordship, would you like me to take you back to the Earthly plane. You may get some time before he comes to confront you,’ said the big monk.
   In my head I realized that Pertilius was offering me the chance to fight in my own surroundings. In a place that I knew and understood, where as if I stayed in hell then Satan would have the upper hand.
   I agreed by nodding my head. I needed time to prepare for what was to come.
When I re-appeared back in my apartment, I found myself standing in the living room, glancing aimlessly at the drab furniture. It all held even less appeal to me now than it had done when I initially agreed to rent the small living space.
   I had no idea how long it would take before Satan paid me a visit. I suspected that even as I stood there, Pertilius the monk would be delivering the good news. I looked down at the ring on my finger, once it had been a bullet and I had it melted down to its current form.
   It would grant me the power to hit back, but I wasn’t sure if that would be strong enough to knock Satan on his ass. Feeling my lungs twinge I searched the bedroom for my pack of cigarettes and found them on the bedside cabinet.
   I stood there, enjoying the intoxicating smoke rush into my lungs as I looked at the picture of my wife and the seven smiling kids she was charged with looking after. I felt my heart sink as I thought of the place she was now. It wasn’t torturous like hell, but it was hardly heaven either.
   Exhaling a cloud of grey smoke I looked down at the ring on my finger. It had gone back to its dull and natural color. There was no magical glow to alert me to the presence of a supernatural being.
   In the back of my mind I suspected that the dark lord had ways of getting to people like me without raising alarm bells. I wouldn’t have expected anything less, and sure enough, as I turned to face the doorway I saw him standing there.
   There was a wicked looking smile on his face as he stood there in his famous white suit. I could see the glint in his eyes that stated I was about to get my ass handed to me.
   ‘Loving those tattoos Samuel,’ He said, unmoving from the doorway.
   ‘Thanks,’ was all I could muster.
   ‘So,’ he said with a loud sigh, ‘a little birdy tells me that you managed to sneak into the great library. That same little birdy also told me that you managed to steal Lisa’s contract from the library. And finally the little bird tells me that you destroyed that contract.’
   I was expecting flames of pure rage to erupt from his nostrils, but as he spoke he sounded perfectly calm and in control of his temper, which was actually quite disconcerting in its own way.
   ‘I couldn’t do nothing while my wife was in hell,’ I said.
   Satan nodded his head, as if he somehow understood my quandary. There was almost a hint of sympathy on his face as he glanced around the small room and noticing nothing of great importance.
   ‘Oh I understand the position you were in Samuel. It’s a shame that you didn’t heed my warning though. I mean you hadn’t laid eyes on her for over five years so there really shouldn’t have been any need for you to help her out,’ he said, lighting his own cigarette.
   ‘When you love someone as deeply as I loved her, you can’t just ignore them,’ I said, and I could feel something strange begin to happen inside me.
   All the fear and other emotions that had coursed through my body that day where transforming into hatred for the man, or god if you so choose, standing in the doorway of my bedroom.
   The feeling grew so powerful that I could feel my body heat up rapidly, like someone had just poured boiling water over me, except I wasn’t being burned by the heat.
   ‘Her heart was never yours to have Samuel. It has belonged to me since the day of her conception and it will always belong to me as long as I still exist, which brings me to another point. That little birdy I spoke about earlier also seems to think that you are stupid enough to try and take the throne from me. Is that true Samuel?’ I could see the viciousness returning to his face as he prodded me for an answer.
   ‘All I ever wanted was for Lisa to be freed from hell. If you had done that for me then we wouldn’t be in this position.’
   I could feel my body growing warmer and warmer. The tattoos etched into my skin were starting to become painful and a part of me wished I could pull them off and kick them away.
   ‘So it is true. Let me explain something to you. If by some miracle you are able to defeat me, which we both know is never going to happen, you will never be able to take the throne because there is another heir. My son,’ the spite was back in his voice now.
   He was right. It had never entered my mind that I would have to not only deal with him, but also his son who Lisa had been a mother to for all his life. I couldn’t grasp why there had to be so many damn rules and regulations to hell. I would have thought the place was operated on a whim of its owner and not something as honourable as succession.
   ‘And you’re forgetting something to,’ I spat back, suddenly realising that I had some powerful ammunition.
   ‘Oh really, pray tell what nugget of information I may have overlooked,’ he goaded, puffing on his cigarette.
   ‘Some point soon your brother, you know the big guy that runs heaven, is going to notice that you have a soul in hell who does not belong there. As my history lesson with your monk’s reminds me, didn’t that almost cause a war between you two the last time you forgot to keep a record of your souls?’ I felt triumphant, even though I knew it would be short lived.
   The smile on Satan’s face fell harder than old drunk trying to stagger home. My body was now feeling like a living inferno, the pain from the tattoos was gone and in its place I could feel a deep throbbing, as if they were trying to etch themselves deeper into my soul as well as my skin.
   ‘Well played, you fucking little runt!’ he spat, and flicked his cigarette across the room.


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