The Deal: Deal Breaker Part 4

Friday, 15 January 2016

I braced myself for the fight that was about to come next. Satan, eyes burning with fury, charged towards me. I let my body loosen up just enough to take a swing at his gut.
   There was a strange hissing sound as my fist connected with his rock hard stomach and I watched as he flew across the room, smashing through the wall which divided it from the sitting room, and crash hard on to the coffee table.
   ‘I should have knew better than to make a deal with you, your just a rat,’ he spat, clambering to his feet.
   I ran towards him as he got to his feet, hoping to land another punch before he could get himself together but I was too slow. My teeth rattled together as his fist connected with the underside of my jaw and it was my turn to go flying.
   Right out the window.
   I looked at the shards of glass floating past, in a dazed and confused way, as I hurtled towards the street below. This had to be one of the quickest fights I had ever lost.
   It was my turn to let out the strange hissing sound as the air was knocked out of my lungs. I could hear men and women screaming as I hit the yellow taxi cab with enough force to crush it and its driver.
   Amazingly I was still alive, and after a few seconds, still breathing. My body felt strong instead of smashed. I could feel my muscles transform and become harder as if they were being pumped full of iron.
   Pushing myself up, I was just in time to watch Satan land on the pavement a few feet away from me. His landing was much more elegant than mine and didn’t so much as leave a crack on the sidewalk.
   ‘You think you have the power to beat me?!’ He screamed, running over to me and grabbing me by the head of the hair.
   I tried to hold on to his wrist as he swung me around and then let me go. I was flying again and this time there was a louder crash as I went through the front window of a local convenience store.
   The fat guy behind the till muttered something in a foreign language at me as he ran to get help.
   Still dazed, I was able to push myself back up and onto my feet just in time for Satan to join me. This time I gave him no quarter.
   Grabbing him by the collar of his suit jacket I dragged him over to the solid counter next to the till and slammed his face down on it as hard as I possibly could.
   I did that four more times, blood splattering everywhere, before I let him slide to the floor. He looked up at me with bleary eyes, his nose was a broken ruin and at least three of his front teeth had gone AWOL.
   ‘I could have given you everything you desired,’ he said, wiping the blood away from his mouth.
   ‘No you couldn’t,’ I said, preparing for my next attack, ‘I asked you to let Lisa go, and you refused.’
   Taking a short run towards him I lashed out with my right foot which connected hard with his jaw. He was flying again, smashing through the counter, the fridges containing soft drinks and finally the wall as if they were made of paper.
   Dusting myself down I stepped outside and made my way round the corner to the spot were Satan should have landed. Other than a wrecked car with terrified looking female driver, there was no sign of him.
   ‘You didn’t think you were going to kill me that easily did you?’
   I spun around to face Satan. He was wiping a fresh flow of blood from his wounded face. Wounds that I knew wouldn’t take long to heal. The problem was I had no idea how to kill him. I had been treating the fight just like any other. Human versus human.
   But that wasn’t the case. He was a God in his own right and I was, well, I was just me and I wasn’t entirely sure just how much power I had. The problem was, the fight was on now, and I had to stick with it until I found something that would put an end to him.
   ‘You’re going to die one way or another,’ I said, realizing just how unconvincing I sounded.
   ‘Really, let’s see how strong you really are.’
   I watched as he clenched his fists and his eyes rolled back in their sockets to reveal nothing but white. The ground began to tremble and then shake violently before the tarmac ruptured all around us.
   Between the cracks I could see the flames of hell licking up, as if they were expecting a fresh soul to be delivered. Turning my attention back on Satan I noticed that he was growing in size. His skin was turning the famous crimson red that we all associated with him. His suit ripped as his frame grew larger and bulkier.
   The finishing touch before his eyes rolled back round to face me, was the massive black horns which grew on either side of his head. This was the Satan that I had grew to know. This was his real form and I had to admit that it was terrifying.
   I could feel myself become frozen as he eventually stopped growing. He was standing at least five foot taller than me which meant his overall height was something like eleven feet tall.
   How the hell could I fight with him now?
   ‘You have more power than him Samuel,’ came a voice, more like a whisper. I recognized it instantly as belonging to Pertilius but glancing around I couldn’t see him.
   Then without warning my body began to grow too. I could feel muscle and bone stretch and form into their new and bigger sizes. My skin changed to that same crimson red except the golden tattoos now looked like parts of a suit of body armour.
   It took only a few painful seconds before I was standing at the same height as Satan and feeling twice as pissed off as he probably was.
   ‘Oh, so you do have some power after all,’ he said, his voice sounding much deeper.
   The time for talking was over for me. I just wanted to end him, and that was all I wanted to do. I charged at him, my own horns pointing at his chest.
   I felt certain he would step out of the way before I hit him, but instead I could hear his booming voice let out a scream as my horns pierced his chest.
   His screams changed as he muttered something in Latin and by the time I was able to pull my horns free, I noticed that the city was rapidly disappearing and we were heading back to hell.
   When the world came back into focus again, I noticed that we were inside a massive, cathedral like building. Located at the far end of the room, at the end of long red carpet, stood a throne made of every human bone possible.
   ‘If you want to kill me you’ll have to spill my blood on that alter,’ said Satan, pointing to the stone alter near the doors to the building.
   ‘So be it,’ I said, charging at him again.
   I was hoping for a repeat of my previous goring but this time he was quick enough to step out of the way, and I could feel him kick me.
   I landed amongst the ancient wooden pews with a loud crash. Satan charged after me, picking up the pews like they were nothing and throwing them against the walls where they would shatter into pieces.
   He launched himself into the air, and I watched as he descended upon me, but at the last second I brought both feet up and lashed out. They connected with his wounded chest and sent him hurtling in the direction of the alter.
   Knowing that time was of the essence, I quickly got to my feet and ran after him as he crashed to the floor, just a foot or two away from the large lump of stone.
   I grabbed the demon lord by the throat and used every ounce of strength I could muster to drag him over to the alter where I slammed his head down hard on the stone tablet. I noticed there was a sacred symbol carved into the stone.
   Realizing that his blood may need to fill that symbol I started slamming his face into the stone slab in rapid succession until his blood filled the crevice.
   Smoke started to emanate from every part of his body as the alter drew his power away. I clenched my fist around his throat even tighter so he could make no sound and I held him there, his body convulsing violently.
   I watched as his skin returned to a mottled grey color. His horns disappearing soon after that. Then his body went limp. I could hear something bubbling and when I turned to look at the alter, I could see that it was his blood which had been trapped within the sacred symbol.
    Fascinated, I watched as the blood started to glow and transform from its crimson liquid state into solid gold. Soon after that, and much to my surprise, the alter crumbled to the floor like ashes, leaving the golden symbol balanced on its pedestal.
   ‘Well done your grace,’ said a familiar voice. I turned to see Pertilius enter the building through the main door for a change. ‘He is dead now, you can let him go.’
   I looked down at Satan’s limp body, almost confused that I was still holding on to him. I let my grip slacken and watched as his body hit the floor and immediately turned to ashes.
   My attention was drawn back to the golden symbol. Something inside me told me that I needed it. To complete the process I needed that symbol.
   Cautiously, I reached out and grabbed it. In that instant a sharp bolt of power coursed through my body making me growl in agony. It lasted only a few seconds, and when I could eventually move my neck to look down, I noticed I was holding nothing but a pile of ashes in my hand.
   ‘It’s good to have you back my lord,’ said Pertilius, bowing to me.
   I glanced towards the throne, knowing that I still had a couple of things left to take care of before I dared to sit on it.
   ‘Bring the boy to the church.’

I stood inside the church where Satan had first brought me to make the deal. I lingered near the alter, back in my human form, the form that was starting to feel unreal. I decided to wear a white suit for the occasion. I don’t know why, but it just felt appropriate in some strange way.
   I watched as Pertilius led the way, followed by the young boy who was flanked at the rear by more of the brother’s. I watched the boy’s face, looking for something that would tell me he was scared or frightened in some way.
   What I saw in his eyes was nothing. There was no love, no hatred, just an emptiness that was going to make what I was about to do next all the more easier on me.
   ‘Do you know why I have brought you here child?’ I asked, once the monk’s stepped away from him.


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