The Deal: Muirmill Asylum Part 6

Friday, 15 January 2016

Tracing the figure eight on my wrist once again, I could feel a strange tingling sensation course through my body as the magic that was keeping me invisible to the demon retreated and I was vulnerable once again.
   I had figured that if Gabriel was right, and I was going to have to face Satan in a death match that would probably be the quickest in history, then I might as well give him a good enough reason.
   The problem now though, was sneaking around the Grimoyle which I could sense was nearby. I was certain that it would be able to smell my presence soon enough as I turned left and headed towards the first set of wards.
   All of the upper floors, as I would soon find out, had been pretty much destroyed by the winged demon. The metal beds in the wards had been crushed with extreme force. Cabinets had been smashed against the floors and walls. Anything else that wasn’t nailed down took the brunt of the large demons’ temper.
   It was looking for something, and until recently, it had been unable to find it. I could understand its frustration in my own way, since I too was looking for something that I couldn’t seem to find.
   Turning away from the first ward, I ignored the second and carried on along the landing until I reached another set of stairs leading up to the next floor. I listened to the air around me, trying to pick out any sounds or noises that would give away the demons position.
   I could hear nothing, but I could still feel its presence. It was lurking somewhere, waiting, hoping to surprise me most likely. I could only hope that I could find the room I was looking for and the information I needed before it had a chance to get me.
   There was one more ward on that floor before I got to the next set of stairs. I glanced through the ragged hole which had been punched through one of the doors.
   I grimaced in disgust as I saw a set of legs, still wearing grey trousers, laying in the middle of the floor amongst the wrecked furniture. Blood was splattered everywhere and it looked as if the victim had not suffered a short death at the hands of the Grimoyle. Who he had been was anyone’s guess now, but I figured it could have been one of the doctors who thought they could merge satanic power with insanity.
   Neither one of them, it would seem, was mutually exclusive.
   Still keeping my senses open to the Grimoyle, I turned my attention back to the stairwell and carried on up towards the next and last of the three floors. When I rounded the last step I stopped dead in my tracks and held my breath.
   I could see the ribbed spikes of the Grimoyle’s back as it grunted its way towards the far end of the hallway. Its wings gouged long track marks into the wall, concrete dust pouring to the floor.
   Beyond the huge demon I could see another ward, which probably didn’t look that much different to the others I had visited. There was a hidden room somewhere in the building, on the upper floors and I needed to find it. I somehow doubted that access to it would be via the wards. That would be too obvious.
   But then again, sometimes hiding something in plain site was the easiest way to go. The problem for me was getting past the Grimoyle. I knew if it came to it, I could beat the creature, but finding one of his winged servants dead in the asylum would probably raise a lot of alarm bells for the dark lord and no doubt I would be the first one on his list of suspects.
   Sneaking past it did not look like much of an option though. So there was a good chance I was going to have to fight it and get it over with.
   I snuck down the hallway behind the winged creature, keeping my breathing as shallow as I possibly could, which made my head pulse hard with my own heartbeat.
   There was a crash as the demon slammed its way through the doors leading to the large ward where the variously mentally ill would be housed for safe keeping, away from the good citizens of the city.
   The beds and other furniture in this ward seemed to be in pretty good condition, unlike the wards below, and I noticed there was a privacy curtain surrounding separating two of the beds just a few feet away from me. It was flimsy but could provide the cover I needed.
   As the Grimoyle moved to the centre of the room, I quickly tip toed over to the curtain and stood behind it, unsure if my shadow would be still be visible through the thin material.
   Beads of sweat formed a thick layer on my forehead as I listened to the Grimoyle grunt with anger. Without warning a steel bed flew through the air, as the creature back swiped it with its large hand.
   There was a thunderous crash as the bed crumpled against the wall behind me and I cringed as it pierced my already throbbing head. Through a small gap in the curtain I could see the creature turn to face my direction.
   The sweat on my forehead ran down my cheeks and dripped from the tip of my nose like I had just ran a marathon. If it could see my shadow it wasn’t showing any signs that it could.
   The massive creature stood there for what felt like an eternity, probably paying attention to every nuance that the room had to offer its senses. Then it started walking towards me and I could instinctively feel my hands clench in to fists as it got closer and closer.
   I was ready to take a swing at it when it suddenly swivelled on its heels and headed back towards the hallway, crashing through the ward doors once more. I stepped away from the curtain and watched its back as it disappeared into the darkness of the far end of the landing.
   Allowing myself to breathe once again, I stepped away from the curtain and took a look at the rest of the ward. A lot of the beds I saw where in really good order, with pristine white sheets still covering their mattresses.
   There was no victims of the angry demon to be found in the ward. No blood or gore. Just a simple, totalitarian cleanliness that even todays modern hospitals couldn’t compete with. Still lingering near the privacy curtain like it could protect me from the winged beast, I glanced around looking for anything that may seem out of place.
   I wasn’t entirely sure what I should be looking for, since the room had remained hidden for so many years. I happened to glance up at the white washed wall in front of me, unsure what to expect. It was as if some sort of invisible hands had grabbed my chin and forced me to look in that direction.
   The problem was I couldn’t see anything. There was no signs or magic symbols that would point the way in a strange mystical way. There was only a few hairline cracks up near the ceiling, which I guessed was normal for a building of its age.
   Feeling disappointed, I was about to turn my attention elsewhere when my eyes adjusted to the whiteness of the wall and I could start to see something shining through the paint. At first I thought it was just my tired mind trying to find something that wasn’t there, but as I kept on studying the shape it quickly became apparent what it was I looking at.
   A huge arrow. It was hard to believe what I was seeing but it was definitely there.  A huge arrow, buried under layers and layers of white emulsion. The disappointment quickly came back though as I realized it was pointing towards the ward exit.
   Since I couldn’t see anything else in the room that was noteworthy, I decided it was best to follow the arrow and see where I ended up. As long as it wasn’t between the jaws of the Grimoyle, anyway.
   I headed back out into the hallway, noticing that the winged demon had vanished. Probably sulking in a corner somewhere because it couldn’t find what its master had sent it to find, and so it would remain in the asylum for eternity if needs be until the object of its desire was found.
   I studied the damaged walls of the hallway as I took one step at a time. My thinking was that if there was a huge arrow in the ward then there had to be some other signs that would point the way.
   Every so many steps I would angle myself both left and right, studying the walls, and I was about to give up on finding anything when I suddenly spotted yet another huge arrow. Again it had been buried under layers and layers of paint but it was there.
   I followed the direction it pointed in with my gaze, and could see that I was supposed to take the next set of stairs upwards into the attic area. As I got closer to the stairs I noticed that a steel door had been fixed in place near the small landing, barring any entrance.
   Moving closer still I noticed that the lock for the door was ridiculously small, like it would take the same size of key I had in my pocket. And it was that thought that made the smile on my face brighten.
   I glanced further down the hallway and I could hear the Grimoyle grunting in a room far off. Most likely the nurse’s quarters. I had no idea how long it would linger there before making its way back towards where I was, so I knew was going t have to move fast.
   Gripping the small key in my fist, I charged towards the door and quickly set about unlocking it. Even as I slipped the key in and listened for the short creak of the lock being snapped open, there was a part of me that couldn’t help wonder why the demon hadn’t just ripped the door off and carried on its search up into the loft area.
    Even looking at the door and the surrounding area, I could see no strange markings that would suggest there was something sacred beyond that point that no man or demon was allowed to lay eyes upon. Nothing except white walls with no character.
   I could hear the Grimoyle grunt and then the pounding of its heavy feet as it headed back in my direction. Hands shaking a little I quickly unlocked the steel door and was able to step behind it just in time for the winged demon to come stomping back into the hallway.
   I could hear the heavy snorting as it tried to sense me. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t picking up on my scent. Maybe my meeting with the angel Gabriel had done something to my aura and made me undetectable to it. I highly doubted that but it sounded good in my head.
   I stood there with baited breath, a fresh layer of sweat forming under my arms and on my forehead as the massive creature loitered in the hallway. Eventually it gave out one more snort and then started back down the stairs towards the first floor.
   Sighing with relief I closed the door behind me and carried on up into the loft.

Because of the large arched windows, the asylums loft was brightly lit with daylight. I could see that the area had mostly been used for storage with various items of furniture and rails lined with clothes. Most of which probably belonged to the patients as the checked in and where left behind when they checked back out again.
   It wasn’t until I was a few more feet in to the room when I noticed the large circle drawn on the floor. It looked like it had been made with red chalk, or maybe even paint. Then again it could be worse and it could have been laid out using real blood.
   In the world that I knew existed between hell and earth, that last thought was perfectly possible and was most likely the answer. I noted the strange symbols drawn in the same crimson red at each point of the circle. They were crude drawings of a beast like creature attacking and then mating with a young woman.

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