The Deal: Soul Protection Part 3

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Beads of sweat rolled between the woman’s breasts which only seemed to add to the feeling that I was about to watch a forced porn session, but that would have been awesome compared to what happened next.
   The demon between her legs, satisfied with what it had tasted, slammed its face into the woman’s vagina and rather than stopping at that, it continued to push with all its might.
   Screams of agony filled the air and I could clearly see the small ribs on the top of the demons head protrude from the woman’s belly. It must have kept its head inside her for what seemed like an eternity to me and probably much longer for the poor soul it was inflicting all the pain on.
   Eventually, the demon began to retract its head, and I could feel my horror rise when I noticed it had part of her intestine clamped between its jaws. Then there was a sickening slopping sound as it yanked on the vital organ hard enough to pull the rest of her intestines right out of her.
   Both of the nightmare creatures laughed in that strange gurgling sound as their victim convulsed violently on the wooden torture table. What I thought was odd, was that they both headed towards the door and back out to the nightmare land they belonged to leaving their victim to suffer a brutal death not unlike the one I had dealt out to the young thief in his own apartment.
   ‘Fuck me that was gruesome. We need to help her before they come back.’ I said and was about to put a foot towards the brutalized woman until the monk made a point that hit home like a slap to the face.
   ‘There is no point Samuel. She is condemned to spend her eternity here. There is no place you can take her that will grant any kind of solace from her punishment.’
   I found it rather comforting that I could always trust the spawn of Satan to be brutally honest even when they didn’t have to be.
   ‘What the Hell did that poor woman do to deserve that?’ I asked the question without really expecting any kind of answer, but the one that the monk offered up suddenly made all the sympathy I had for her wash away.
   ‘Over the space of ten years she kidnapped various children, both boys and girls, and set fire to them while they were either tied to a pole, bed, or something else that the child had no chance of getting away from. She stood and watched as they screamed for their mothers comfort while they burned alive.’
   ‘Maybe Hell is too good for some people.’ I was speaking more to myself than anyone else, but the monk seemed to feel quite chatty by this point. Maybe he was starting to enjoy the company.
   ‘What you just witnessed was only a small part of what goes on here. Only one soul is fully equipped to deal with it all, and right now I’m thankful he is not here.’ There was no room for guessing who that one soul was, his lord of darkness, the one and only Satan.
   Back on the torture table the twisted soul with the beautiful body had stopped convulsing. Her chest continued to rise and fall steadily as her glazed eyes stared blankly at the darkness of the ceiling above. She wasn’t dead but you could bet your bottom dollar she was wishing she was by that point.
   Then a thought suddenly occurred to me. In-fact it was more of a fleeting image of Lisa. A quick flash of that lovely smile and those beautiful eye’s that had once been so full of life before the flatbed crushed it out of her.
   ‘Was Lisa brought here?’ I asked, quietly praying the answer would be anything but yes.
   ‘You’re wife was not destined for this part of the kingdom. She is in a place where no demon has a hand in her punishment.’ Said the monk, beckoning me to follow after him.
   We continued walking towards the same door the demons had entered the room by only a few minutes ago. Somewhere in the distance I could still hear that horrible gurgling laughter. Just like everyone else I was expecting to step out into a world of raining fire and brimstone as we crossed the threshold of the door and stepped outside.
   Instead I found myself standing in a deserted cobblestone street which was lined with crooked looking buildings that I could not discern where either houses, stores or simply just window dressing for a world that up until a few days ago, I thought was purely just fantasy.
   ‘I don’t understand what you mean.’ I said, trying to adjust my eyes to the bright light of day under the cold grey sky. ‘I thought all souls that ended up in this kingdom as you call it, where punished for their wrong doings?’
   ‘They are. But not all of them need the help of the grimoyle’s to be reminded of the pain they have inflicted on others. Some, like Lisa, only need to be left alone where they will torment themselves until the end of all time.’
   This was becoming a much deeper conversation than I had thought I was going to be able to have with the faceless holy man. And to be perfectly honest I wasn’t entirely sure I was ready yet to hear about my wife’s self-imposed punishment.
   Although there was still a nagging doubt that her being here was really where she belonged. That could be in part because I had always taken what Lisa had told me about her past as being kosher. She was a kindergarten teacher when I met her, and after much thought, I realized that I had never really gotten to know anything else about her life before the time we met.
   I still found it hard to believe that she could have done anything so bad that warranted an eternity of damnation. Not my wife, the woman who would bring stray dogs home for the night before trying to find a new home for them. It just wasn’t in her blood to be bad. Me on the other hand. I deserved this. I deserved to be in Hell for the countless people I had killed just for the money and no other motive but the money.
   As much as I wanted to learn the truth about my wife’s presence in Hell, I still got the sense that I shouldn’t push too hard. I knew the horned one was most likely keeping tabs on me, and the less I did to piss him off while I was not capable of taking him in a fair fight, the better.
   Someday I was going to have to stand up to him, but for now he was our master, my boss, my soul reason for still being able to draw a breath on Earth.
   I decided to change the subject as we headed along the narrow street which seemed to rise up briefly before taking us on to a downhill slope.
   ‘What are Grimoyle’s ?’ I asked, noticing that there seemed to be no signs of life beyond the windows of the buildings we passed. No shadows, no lights, and more disturbingly no signs that they had ever been lived in, despite how ancient the buildings looked.
   ‘Grimoyle’s are the demon creatures you witnessed torturing that lady you wanted to save, before I put you wise to her past. They are powerful guardian demons supplied by our master to help the overlords maintain their control over each part of the kingdom they are allowed to rule. They’re not the smartest of our lords’ creations but they have enough intelligence to perform their duties without failing.’
   I tried to soak in what the big monk was telling me as we continued down the cobblestone road which I noticed was beginning to widen into a kind of village square. I could see a fountain in the centre of the clearing, but I couldn’t tell if water still flowed through it, or perhaps, since I was in Hell, something a bit more gruesome like crimson blood.
   Trying to remember all the different names given to the Hell spawn was a task in of itself for me, but I was trying to remember just in case there was ever a pop quiz at the end of my deal with the devil.
   ‘I’m assuming there are stronger versions of these demons you call the Grimoyle’s?’ I asked, noticing that as we neared the fountain, no liquid of any kind was flowing through it. It looked like it had ran dry centuries ago, during a time when lack of water was the least of your day to day worries.
   ‘Yes. There are many different types of creatures in Hell. Some have been specifically born from the great fires to serve a well-defined purpose while others have been born from the wickedness of men’s souls.’
   The big monk came to a stop a few feet away from the fountain. I followed his gaze as he looked beyond the grotesque sculpture of screaming bodies meshed together, and at the huge stone wall which barricaded the great hall from the rest of what I assumed must be a village.
   ‘Samuel, this is the point where I must leave you. I am not able to protect you from this point forward. However, if you can reach the Monastery with the scroll you will be granted protection from anything in this region.’
   ‘Where is this monastery you are talking about?’ I asked, actually feeling a little sad that we were about to part ways. Somehow the big monk felt familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about him that would stir up that kind of emotion but there was definitely something about him that I had encountered before.
   I followed a long languid finger as it pointed beyond the wall.
   ‘It lays north beyond the great hall. There is a secret passage below Henetia’s chamber which will get you there but again there is no promise of protection unless you have that scroll.’
   ‘I understand. And your promise to help me break the devils deal still stands if I bring you what you want?’ I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to back out once I turned up at his front door with a scroll that could cause no end of chaos on Earth.
   ‘I swear I will help you break your deal. Now please hurry. Henetia holds his counsel in the throne room of the great hall around this time each day. If he learns of Argol’s fire then he will not waste any time in destroying the scroll.’ And with that the monk disappeared into a wisp of black smoke.
   I was now on my own and suddenly I felt very exposed. I had not noticed any signs of life on our journey to this point in the town but suddenly I felt like there was a million eyes on me. Watching, waiting and ready to pounce in a heartbeat.
   I started towards the huge wood and metal doors which marked the entrance into the lawns of the great hall. I noted that there was no way in Hell I was going to be able to get those doors open by myself, and after frantically searching around for some sort of hidden lever, I noticed that there was a smaller service door further along, about twenty feet away from the main doors.
   Feeling certain that it would be locked tight when I reached it, I tried turning the handle on the door and was pleasantly surprised to hear it click open.
   The door way opened out into a vast and surprisingly green court yard dotted with withering trees. A short distance away I could see the great hall. It was more like a large block of granite with a set of grandiose doors rather than anything splendid like you would expect.
   Slowly I made my way between the trees, I was chronically aware that I no longer had the protection of the monk so every step I made towards the huge building was carefully placed. An eerie silence filled the air and all it could take to bring down a horde of Hellish minions was a simple twig breaking.
   Travelling the short distance was painstaking but as I moved closer to the main entrance I spotted two of this gargoyle like creatures standing guard on either side of the doors, torches burning furiously above their contorted heads like the rage that must dwell inside them.

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