The Deal: Soul Protection Part 6

Thursday, 14 January 2016

‘What the Hell just happened to me?’ I asked, feeling shaky. My vision was a little blurred but I could see that the monks out in the pews remained unmoved by me.
   ‘You are now protected by the soul of Beelzebub. Your soul can longer be used as a prize by any demon including our lord.’ Pertilius remained in the same spot, the faceless darkness of his hood was the closest I was going to get to looking him in the eyes.
   ‘You mean the deal is now worthless?’ I probably sounded a lot more hopeful than I should have.
   ‘The deal is still unbroken for now, but with your soul now protected by our original creator our dark lord can no longer create a link with you. In essence it makes you invisible to him when you decide that you need some time alone.’
   ‘Well that could come in very handy.’ I said, looking at the ancient and foreign symbols on my wrist. ‘Is it an automatic thing or do I have to utter some secret incantation?’
   ‘All you have to do is trace infinity on your right wrist and you will become invisible to him and any other demon. And of course you should trace it again to release the magic.’
   I looked down at my right wrist, a little puzzled at first and then I saw it. Dead centre in the middle of my wrist was the number eight. The sign of infinity. I had to fight the temptation to trace my index finger around the shape.
   ‘I understand that it may not be what you were hoping for.’ Said the big monk, and I could definitely hear a note of sadness in his voice now. ‘But there are many artefacts just like that one, which when combined can give you the power you need to break your deal with Satan.’
   It didn’t really take a genius to figure out what the monk was aiming at. I already understood that the only way I was ever going to break my deal with his royal darkness was to go head to head with him. And you know what, I was starting to warm to the idea of the day when that might come.
   ‘Thank you Pertilius. I know you don’t have to help me at all.’ I said, still in awe at my new golden tattoos.
   ‘Well I did say I wouldn’t forget you’re kindness.’
   I looked up just in time to see Pertilius peel back the hood on his robe. I could feel my jaw slacken as the face that was revealed belonged to the young man I had set free from the demon lord Henetia’s kitchen.
   ‘You! But how? Why?’ I was flabbergasted and unsure what to make of it all.
   ‘I wanted to make sure you would actually find your way into the great hall and the only way to do that was allow myself to be taken as a lost soul.’
   ‘But what if I had left you there?’
   ‘We are practitioners of black magic. There are no objects or demons which can keep us bound.’ A wry smile crossed his thin lips. ‘It’s time for you to go back to the Earthly plain Samuel. I sense our lord will be looking for you soon.’
   ‘Great. That’s just spoiled my day.’ I said, trying to be jovial but I couldn’t hide just how depressing my life had become since I made that damn deal.
   ‘When you find the time, I would suggest that you pay a visit to St Helen’s Elementary school and kindergarten. You may find something there that can illuminate your path.’
   I looked at Pertilius, even more puzzled than before, and I was about to ask him what he was talking about when he suddenly shoved me backward. I tried to steady myself but it was no good, I was falling straight back into the passage way.

The light of the world vanished quickly as I fell. Air rushed around me at an alarming speed and I had no option but to brace myself for a hard landing.
   The hard landing never came. Instead I landed on something soft, and as I scrambled to my feet I realized that I had landed on my own bed.
   I was back in my own apartment. Back in my own bedroom which was still in the soft darkness I had become accustomed to. Sitting on the edge of the bed I tried to get myself together. My thoughts seemed broken and scattered, yet there was one thing I remembered very clearly:
   The name of the elementary school Pertilius had mentioned. It had sounded so familiar and now that I was back in my own world I understood why. It was the same school where Lisa had once been a teacher before she had been cruelly snatched away from me.
   During the time after making my deal with Satan I had never thought to actually look into my wife’s life on this plane. Instead choosing to try and figure out why she was in Hell.
   I looked at the magic symbols tattooed on my wrists. Now was the time to find out the truth about Lisa and find a way to not only free her from Hell but also to break Satan’s hold over both of us.

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