Among The Sheep By Kindle Author Marlene Bell

Thursday, 4 February 2016
Next up to go under the spotlight is kindle author Marlene Bell's book Among The Sheep, which is available from the Amazon Kindle Store now!

What It's About:

In Among the sheep, award winning artist, nature photographer, author and shepherd Marlene Bell shows readers how she utilized her artistic abilities while falling into the business of keeping sheep. With wit, style, and grace, over time this city girl turned farmhand entrepreneur learned how to run a lucrative sheep operation while balancing a mail order and Internet gifts business. In twelve chapters, she offers tips, guidance, and valuable professional advice with a warm, down-home feel. With chapter titles such as "A Surprise Gift," "The Mail Order Queen," and "Momentum" she shoots from the hip with her tales to provide the sheer (pun intended) wisdom of over thirty years with sheep and her related business ventures. More than anything, this guide shares a memoir of a woman who wears a number of hats. She exemplifies the idea of turning a love for animals into a lifetime commitment to caring for and celebrating them.

What The Reviews Say:

I have raised sheep for 15 years and have never found a book more knowledgable on every aspect of the sheep business/hobby. Tips on raising, tips on selling and of course how to turn it into a business. Whether you are thinking of getting sheep, have sheep or want to succeed like Mrs. Bell you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy. I especially appreciated the time Mrs. Bell took to share her tips for suceeding in the show ring and how to sell her animals. A book not to miss.

Ebook Format: Kindle

Where To Buy: Amazon Kindle Store

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