Evolution Of Evil By Steven F. Freeman

Sunday, 14 February 2016
evolution of evil

What It's About:

Jan Summit, senator’s wife and world-class biologist, has disappeared from her Alzheimer’s research center on the Galapagos Islands. When cryptologist Alton Blackwell is called in to decode the scientist’s last message, he learns of a breakthrough discovery, one that could revolutionize treatment for the debilitating disease. 

Alton and wife Mallory, an FBI agent, join an elite force sent to track down the missing scientist. In doing so, they uncover a world of shadowy intrigue—a land where environmentalists, competing pharmaceutical companies, and local Galapagos citizens all battle to suppress the results of Summit’s cutting-edge research. The investigators’ search is further complicated when a string of murders with apparent connections to both the black market in exotic wildlife and Summit’s research begins within days of their arrival. 

Following a trail of clues as enshrouded as the islands’ volcanic slopes, Alton and Mallory face mounting danger in their race to recover Summit and track down the culprits who hope to suppress her work. Along the way, they discover that some facts—and some people—aren’t always what they seem

What The Reviews Say:

What a joy it is to follow a new author as he develops and grows! Steven F Freeman’s sixth book in his Blackwell Files, The Evolution of Evil, is perhaps his best work yet. Steve, you’re not a rookie anymore!

After thieves break into a research lab on the Galapagos Islands and scientist Jan Summit disappears, cryptologist Alton Blackwell and his FBI agent wife Mallory are recruited to join a team of investigators to find the missing researcher and recover the important Alzheimer’s studies. Working with the local authorities, the team must find the researcher,
who suffers from severe asthma, as soon as possible. Adding to the sense of urgency is the fact that she is also the wife of a powerful US Senator, who is putting pressure on the group to locate his wife ASAP. Has she been kidnapped? Murdered? If she is alive, why haven’t they heard from the kidnappers?

While Alton begins the laborious task of decoding the encrypted research files, Mallory pores over financial records looking for clues, and the rest of the team interviews witnesses. As possible motives and suspects begin to emerge, dead bodies begin to show up in remote spots. Are these murders related to the missing scientist and her theory about a cure for a devastating illness? Or are they simply random killings?

Mr Freeman has introduced a fascinating ensemble of characters this time around. I was particularly interested in a several of them, and in one case, my instincts proved to be correct. Without being given many concrete clues, we are left to our own devices when it comes to solving the crimes in Freeman’s books. In typical fashion, Alton puts it all together after making a discovery or two, which the author does not share with the reader until the mass assembly at the end, a la Hercule Poirot. Having read the previous five novels in the series, I am used to this format and can go with the flow. As Poirot would say, I use “the little gray cells” to consider what other suspects may have to hide that may not be related to the case at hand. But I may have said too much – at any rate, it makes for a tantalizing read, because the pieces of the puzzle fall into place quite nicely.

It sounds like there is a bright future for Team Blackwell. Stay tuned. - Jean F. Coldwell (Amazon.com)

Alton and Mallory have another mystery on their hands. Asked by the NSA to assist in finding a missing senators wife who is also a scientist the head to the Galapagos Islands, but once there the mystery is bigger than anyone realized. And it's a race to find the missing person before a medical condition kills her or worse the kidnapper decides she is no longer useful and kills her!

Alton is on the case once again in another great who done it style mystery. You collect the clues with him and the others on his team and it's a race to see who can figure it all out first. And Blackwells record is 6-0 with me never managing to figure it all out before him. And that's one of the top reasons this series it so great you can never figure it out before the author is ready for you to.

So sit back and enjoy the ride.... Unless you can figure it all out before Alton Blackwell! - Crystal (Amazon.com)

Steven Freeman has become a master of description, which allows the reader to really see the story. His primary characters, Alton and Mallory, are simply terrific. You feel like you know them, their strengths and frailties, and you love them. The setting in the Galapagos is described so well that you can picture the island, and almost feel like you are right there.
The plot is suspenseful and with unexpected twists and turns and the ending gives closure to the story. He has done his homework and the parts that are related to technical aspects of the story are clear and accurate. If you want a great book that you will have a hard time putting down, don't miss this one. I'm sure he will be one of our most read authors in the very near future. - Sharron Grodzinsky (Amazon.com)

This is my favorite Blackwell Files installment! Clever, edge of your seat drama set in a beautiful place. I enjoy reading this series because it is believable, without being too technical. Each character has interesting and authentic position in the book. This particular book had Alton and Mallory solving a series of crimes that entwined with each crime and developed as I read. I am ready for this series to be a television series. Very awesome stories. - Rowleyteach (Amazon.com)

About The Author:

Thriller/mystery author Steve Freeman is a former member of the US Army's Signal Corps, a twenty-eight year employee of a large American technology company, and an avid traveler who has visited five continents. The novels of "The Blackwell Files" draw from his firsthand knowledge of military service, the tech industry, and the diverse cultures of our world.

He currently lives near Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

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